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Onion and garlic are the world famous spice commodities used for flavouring the dishes.  Besides culinary purposes, these are considered as valuable medicinal plants.  The fungicidal and insecticidal properties of garlic are well established.  Dehydrated powder & flakes and paste prepared out of onion and garlic provide rich agro-industrial base for these commodities.

Realizing the importance  of  onion and garlic  in  the country,  ICAR established  National Research Centre for Onion and Garlic in VIII Plan with its headquarter at Nasik in 1994.  However, due to some working constraints, the Centre was shifted to Rajgurunagar on 16 June 1998. Over the years, the centre has created good facilities for field and laboratory work.  The centre has been upgraded to Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research since December 2008. Besides this, an All India Network Project on Onion & Garlic with 28 participating centres all over the country has been established. 




A two-days training on “Construction of low cost onion storage structure to improve bulb storability” was organized from 19-20th May, 2016 in tribal belts of Nandurbar under TSP scheme in collaboration with KVK, Nandurbar at fields of Saikrupa Shetkari Gat, Shravani; and Pragati Shetkari Purush Gat, Palsuun. A total of 145 farmers participated in the programme from different parts of Nandurbar. The farmers were trained for construction of low cost onion storage structure developed by ICAR-DOGR. The team of Dr. A.J. Gupta, Sr. Scientist (Hort.) & Nodal Officer (TSP), Dr.  A. R. Wakhare, Technical Officer and Mr. R.M. Patil, SMS (Hort.) who arranged the training, observed that almost all the demonstrations have been conducted successfully. Onion variety ‘Bhima Kiran’ produced 200 q per acre marketable bulb yield at the field of Merali Yaha Bachat Gat, Palipada. The farmers earned net income of Rs. 80,000/- per acre even when onion bulbs were sold at the rate of Rs. 6/- per kg.    




Onion variety DOGR-571-LR developed by ICAR-DOGR has been recommended for release in Annual Group Meeting of All India Network Research Project on Onion & Garlic held at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh on 4-5 April, 2016.  It has been christened as ‘Bhima Light Red’.  It is recommended for cultivation in rabi season in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It is a medium maturing (115 days after transplanting) variety having light red globe bulbs of about 70 g with thin neck and total soluble solids of 13%.  Its average yield in multilocation trials in the recommended zone was 385 q/ha.   Total weight losses after four months of storage was less than 25%. It is almost free of doubles and bolters.


Annual Workshop of Onion & Garlic (AINRPOG) organized at Kanpur

ICAR-Directorate of Onion & Garlic Research (DOGR), Rajgurunagar, Pune organized the VIth Annual Group meeting of All India Network Research Project on Onion and Garlic at Indian Institute of Pulse Research (IIPR), Kanpur in collaboration with Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology (CSAUAT), Kanpur on 4-5 April, 2016. The group meeting was attended by more than 80 delegates from various parts of the country. Farmers, students and other faculty members were also present.

The inaugural session was chaired by Dr. N. K. Krishna Kumar, DDG (HS), New Delhi. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dean, College of Agriculture, CSAUAT, Kanpur and Dr. N. P. Singh, Director, IIPR, Kanpur were guests of honour. Welcome address was given by Dr. H. G. Prakash, Director Research, CSAUAT, Kanpur. Dr. Jai Gopal, Director, ICAR-DOGR, presented the project report wherein he elaborated the achievements of AINRPOG and possibilities of increasing area and production of onion and garlic in India. Emphasis was laid on development of onion hybrids, virus free planting material of garlic and weed management studies. Dr. Vijay Mahajan, Nodal Officer presented action taken report. Dr. B. Singh, Director, IIVR, Varanasi, Dr. R.P. Gupta, Director, NHRDF, Nasik, Dr. Dip Jyoti Rajkhowa, Joint Director, ICAR Res. Comples, Nagaland, Dr. J.R. Yadav and Dr. J.P. Srivastava, Ex- Prof. & Head, Veg. Sci., CSAUAT, Kanpur chaired various sessions and gave valuable input for refining the technical programme. Recommendation were finalized in plenary session which was chaired by  Dr. T. Janaki Ram, ADG (HS), ICAR, New Delhi. Dr. S. L. Goswami, Vice-Chancellor, CSAUAT, Kanpur was the Chief Guest on this occasion.  

One light red onion variety DOGR-571 was recommended for rabi season for South Zone VI based on results of Dharwad, Chitradurga, Bangalore and Coimbatore. One long day garlic variety CITH-G-3 was recommended for temperate zone of the country based on results of Almora, Srinagar and Mukteshwar. Two production technologies one on use of micronutrients and other on salicylic acid were also recommended for increasing the productivity of onion in the country.



Five varieties of onion & one variety of garlic of ICAR-DOGR have been notified vide Gazette Notification No. S.O.2277(E) (dated 20.8.2015) on the recommendation of Central Sub-Committee on Crop Standards, Notification and Release of Varieties for Horticultural Crops.


Notified for

Salient features






Bhima Kiran


Rabi season: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh

Light red bulbs, maturity 125-135 days, average yield 28-32 t/ha, potential yield 45 t/ha, storability 5-6 months.

Bhima Red


Kharif season: Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu


Rabi season: Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra

Red bulbs, maturity 105-110 days in kharif and 110-120 days in rabi, average yield 26-28 t/ha in kharif and 30-32 t/ha in rabi with potential yield up to 40 t/ha, storability 30-45 days in kharif and 90 days in rabi.

Bhima Dark Red

Kharif season: Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Jammu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu

Dark red bulbs, maturity 100-110 days in kharif, average yield 22-24 t/ha, potential yield 32 t/ha, storability 2 months in kharif.

Bhima Shubhra

Kharif season: Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu

First white onion variety for kharif season, maturity 110-115 DAT, average yield 18-20 t/ha, potential yield 29 t/ha. Suitable for late kharif also with average yield 36-42 t/ha, potential yield 56 t/ha, storability 30 to 45 days in kharif

Bhima Shweta

Kharif season: Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu


Rabi season: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh

White bulbs, maturity 110-120 days, average yield 18-20 t/ha in kharif and 26-30 t/ha in rabi, potential yield 40 t/ha, storability 3 months in rabi.





Bhima Omkar

Rabi season: Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Delhi

White bulbs, maturity 120-135 days, average yield 10-12 t/ha, potential yield 14 t/ha, storability 6-8 months


THE ONION” – book released

A book – “THE ONION” edited by Drs. N.K. Krishnakumar,  Jai Gopal and V. A. Parthasarathy, has been released by Hon. Union Agriculture Minister, Shri. Radha Mohan Singh, on Sept. 22, 2015 in DAC-ICAR interface meeting. This publication from Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi contain 18 chapters covers all important aspect of onion research and development and written by experts in respective fields of onion. Hopefully, it would be a source of rich information for students and researchers and would be of great value for farmers and entrepreneurs alike.





A new white onion variety 'Bhima Safed' for Kharif

In the recently held Annual Group Meeting of All India Network Research Project on Onion & Garlic at Davengere, Karnataka on 6-7th February, 2015, white onion line developed by the Directorate of Onion & Garlic Research, Rajgurunagar has been recommended for release. This line ‘NRCWO-3’ has been christened as ‘Bhima Safed’. It is suitable for cultivation in Chhatisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu. This is a medium maturing (110-120 days) variety having white, round to oval bulbs of mainly 70-80 g. It has 11-12% TSS and is thus suitable both for table and processing. Its average yield in multilocational trials in the recommended zones was 185 q/ha. It has less than 5% doubles and bolters.



Onion variety “Bhima Red” licensed

Onion variety “Bhima Red” has been licensed by Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research (DOGR) to M/s. Safalmantra Agro Farms Private Limited (SAFPL), Navi Mumbai.A Memorandum of Understanding in this regard was signed by the Directorate with SAFPL on 12/11/2014.SAFPL is all women lead organization, in the business of producing and marketing sustainable agro-products.As per MoU, DOGR has extended a non-exclusive license to SAFPL for seed production and distribution of Bhima Red.Bhima Red is a high yielding onion variety recommended for cultivation in kharif season in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamilnadu, in late kharif season in Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra and for rabi in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.It matures in 105-110 days after transplanting in kharif season and in 110-120 days after transplanting in late kharif and rabi seasons. The MoU will promote the cultivation of this variety by ensuring the better availability of quality seed to the farmers. 


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